Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

The following are the terms and conditions of SAJ Steel's services and products.

Offer and acceptance

All offers or customer orders made by SAJ Steel to SAJ Steel or the acceptance of the buyer's order by SAJ Steel (each "order") must comply with these terms and conditions. The buyer accepts these general terms and conditions by executing the customer order, the offer, the order confirmation, or the confirmation of the invoice form from SAJ Steel and delivering it to SAJ Steel.

Pricing / Payment

The price is listed on the relevant order or invoice and SAJ Steel can adjust it to the price when SAJ Steel leaves the factory.

Taxes and other expenses

Buyer shall pay (or repay) manufacturer tax, occupation tax, property tax, sales tax, consumption tax, sales tax, duty, duty, inspection or test fee, or any other tax or another fee, imposed by the government.

Security interests

Buyer hereby grants SAJ Steel a security interest in the products sold under this Agreement until Buyer has made full payment of the purchase price plus accrued interest (if any) and has fully complied with all other terms of this Agreement at that time, SAJ Steel's Warranty Interest was fulfilled.

Shipping methods

All products are delivered according to the instructions on the relevant quotation, invoice, and/or packing list. SAJ Steel reserves the right to deliver in batches unless expressly stated otherwise in writing. Otherwise, SAJ Steel reserves the right to deliver in batches. All these installments are billed separately, regardless of subsequent deliveries, and paid when each invoice is due, and any undisputed delivery is payable regardless of any other disputes related to other goods delivered or not.