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Running Industrial Business Successfully Since 1985

SAJ STEEL has been working since 1985. SAJ STEEL is like a star in the steel industry. Our valued customers have built a strong business relationship with us based on honesty, sincerity, quality, and a caring sales attitude. This is the golden ethic of our business.

SAJ STEEL has its own complete technical structure in which high-quality steel rods are continuously developed and innovated. We have moved from importing steel scrap to forming standard billets, from standard steel billets to further rewinding into standard billets. We re-roll steel bars according to the international standards and standards of our customers. These steel bars are used in commercial buildings, residential projects, mechanical engineering, bridges, dams, and public buildings.

SAJ STEEL has made an invaluable contribution to Pakistani infrastructure and has become a household name in the Pakistani construction industry. In the last decades, the company has reached many milestones by continuously striving to develop dynamically and ethically and to always protect the values and interests of the stakeholders on its own responsibility.

Today SAJ STEEL is one of the Largest
Steel Manufacturers of

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Steel Making Process

01 Step

Ironing Process

Since steel is the main component of steel, it needs to be manufactured first. Put the iron, lime, and coke in the blast furnace and melt. The resulting molten iron forms a liquid.

02 Step

Basic Steelmaking

There are two main methods of steelmaking, namely basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) and arc furnace (EAF).

03 Step

Secondary Steelmaking

Next, the new molten steel needs to be adjusted to form the ideal steel structure. This can be done by controlling the temperature and/or removing certain elements.

04 Step


Now that we have the steel cord, the next step is to put it in a cold mold. This causes the metal to cool faster.

05 Step

Configure First

The initial form of slabs, blooms, and billets is also commonly called primary farming and is usually formed into various forms by hot rolling.

6 Step

Complete Process

Finally, several secondary molding techniques, including forming, machining, bonding, and coating, give the product significant shape and performance.

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values and
the quality of our products is
beyond doubt.

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