Steel mill, Steel bar, Steel in karachi
Steel mill, Steel bar, Steel in karachi

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Highest Quality Steel Providers in Pakistan

The SAJ Steel group has been producing highest quality steel since 1990’s. Over the passage of time, through continuous process improvement, product development and quest for excellence, the company has grown tremendously. With 100% customer satisfaction and process innovation, SAJ Steels is on its way to becoming a leading player in Pakistan’s Steel Industry.

As a fully-integrated steel manufacturer, we strive to achieve business excellence through:

  • Constant innovation and advancement
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Sustainable environment friendly practices
  • The highest standards and ethics
  • Hiring and retaining the best people

Three Decades of Supreme Quality, Commitment and Customer Satisfaction

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Prime Manufacturer of Deformed
Steel Bar in Pakistan

Steel mill, Steel bar, Steel in karachi

Our Vision

Develop innovative products and processes that meet the needs of our existing customers

Steel mill, Steel bar, Steel in karachi

Our Mission

Providing first-class steel products and related solutions to consumers and other stakeholders


Legacy of Producing Quality Steel Transcends Through 2 Generation, 3 Decades

The Legacy of Producing High Quality Steel That Transcends Through 2 Generations, 3 Decades SAJ Steel machinery and facilities are ISO 9001. The rigorous quality control procedures and parameters ensures only defect-free material is sent to the customers. Our customers are the priority and to achieve excellence, there is continuous improvement and check to prevent recurrence of any defects. Moreover, our in-house world class testing labs and certified engineers are equipped with latest testing equipment and our quality control team works closely to ensure that there is no compromise on the product that moves out with our name.

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Steel mill, Steel bar, Steel in karachi
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Frequently Asked

What are the main advantages of SAJ ULTRA 706?

The main advantage of SAJ ULTRA 706 is to improve the safety of buildings in the event of an earthquake. SAJ Steel has launched an innovative product seismic steel under the brand SAJ ULTRA 706. High strength and excellent ductility. The ratio of tensile strength to yield point is always greater than 1.25.

Why choose SAJ FORCE 72?

SAJ Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of deformed grade 72 steel bars in Pakistan. We produce high-quality deformed grade 72 steel bars for construction use in Pakistan. Compared to other traditional steel bars, grade 72 steel bars save you almost 20% of total steel consumption. The addition of deformed steel bars can ensure that the strength of the steel structure reaches 20% using the same amount of steel.

What are billets used for?

Steel billets are the product of the second stage of steel production. They are hot rolled and taken out directly when steel is being cast. They are highly ductile and flexible and produce square cross-sections with an area of less than 230 square centimeters. They belong to the category of semi-finished products. Their end products include rods, tubes, and wires.